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Services we provide


Our services are tailored to meet individual’s requirements on a long stay, short stay, respite or day care basis for individuals aged 65 years and over.

At Hartford Hey our aim is to promote and deliver a high standard of person centred care and support. We achieve this by having an open and honest approach in all aspects of our service delivery. Every individual receives their chosen care and support needs with dignity, compassion and empathy to enable them to retain as much control in their lives as possible whilst feeling confident that their safety and well-being are paramount, in a comfortable “homely” environment.

Through our individualised care / support planning and review system we aim to offer residents the highest possible standard of care and enable them to make choices which affect their daily lives. A balance of risks and benefits are incorporated into each person’s initial assessment and support plan. This is achieved by individuals participating in the decision making process relating to their care, and by identifying, acknowledging and assessing risks. Introducing measures to help reduce risk enables each person to maintain independence and control of their chosen lifestyle.

Obtaining consent to care / support is a crucial aspect in all stages of care planning and review. Consideration to each person’s capacity and their ability to provide consent is essential. Therefore support networks are available to all individuals should they be required to enable the person to understand the ongoing assessment for their care and treatment.

We have a keyworker system in-situ which encourages and supports individuals to develop positive, trusting, working relationships with their designated key member of staff.

Dignity is at the foundation of our service delivery. The right to dignity involves recognising the intrinsic value of people as individuals and the specific nature of each person’s particular needs at all times. Our staff team strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents, within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in doing so are sensitive to the individuals changing needs.



The 10 point dignity challenge is incorporated into our service delivery.

In order for all individuals to lead as fulfilling and independent lives as possible by the provision of services within the home, we will strive to ensure that all will be:

a) Protected from harm, abuse and exploitation


b) Not be disadvantaged or discriminated against on grounds of gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, religious belief, sexual orientation, social class or cultural background.

All residents receive a copy of our complaints procedure which is in accessible formats. Residents are encouraged to be open and honest without fear of retribution to discuss any concerns or issues that they may have regarding their care and support.


We have robust audit systems for all policies and procedures which incorporates Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Medication, Infection Control, Food Safety, Duty of Candour and resident / family member surveys. These are all evaluated and any improvements identified are addressed with immediate effect to make sure that we can continually improve on our service delivery to meet individuals agreed outcomes and conform to current legislation.


In line with Current Legislation / guidelines Hartford Hey have instilled an open, honest and transparent approach in all aspects of our service delivery. This is central to developing and sustaining, meaningful and trusting relationships with all service users and staff members.


Hartford Hey encourages all service users to voice any compliments, concerns or complaints that they may have regarding all aspects of the service delivery.

All concerns or complaints will be addressed and acknowledged with immediate effect in line with our complaint procedure 

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